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                  Privacy Policy

                  1. Information Collection, Sharing and Disclosure. It is CHINANEWS.CO.NZ's policy to respect the privacy of its users. When you sign up as a CHINANEWS.CO.NZ Member, CHINANEWS.CO.NZ will require your name, email address, gender, date and place of birth, education, occupation, yearly household income, zip code and any other information as required ("Registration Data"). In addition to the Registration Data provided by you, CHINANEWS.CO.NZ may also collect and store certain personally identifiable information in CHINANEWS.CO.NZ's secure database, when you visit the Web Site, when you use some of CHINANEWS.CO.NZ's Services, or when you enter promotions or sweepstakes on the Web Site. CHINANEWS.CO.NZ also automatically receives and records information from your browser including but not limited to your IP address, the pages you requested and the time of request. CHINANEWS.CO.NZ may use the information it obtains relating to you, for its internal business and marketing purposes, including but not limited to (i) fulfilling your requests for certain products and services; (ii) customizing the marketing materials and the content you see on the Web Site; and (iii) contacting you about special and new products or services. CHINANEWS.CO.NZ may disclose your information to third parties and share your information, including both personally identifiable and aggregated information, with CHINANEWS.CO.NZ's partners and/or alliances, when (i) CHINANEWS.CO.NZ gets your consent to share the information; (ii) CHINANEWS.CO.NZ needs to share your information to provide the product or service you have requested; (iii) CHINANEWS.CO.NZ needs to send your information to companies who work on behalf of CHINANEWS.CO.NZ to provide a product or service to you; (iv) required by subpoenas, court orders or legal process; or when (v) your actions on the Web Site violate the TOU or any of CHINANEWS.CO.NZ's usage guidelines for specific products or services on any applicable web page.
                  2. Cookies. CHINANEWS.CO.NZ may set and access its cookies on your computer. The general purposes of using such cookies include but are not limited to (i) authenticating users for services provided by CHINANEWS.CO.NZ to them; (ii) counting the number of users accessing the Web Site; (iii) providing users with relevant information according to the preference specified by the users; and (iv) for CHINANEWS.CO.NZ's own convenience to indicate whether a specific user has paid for the subscribed service or not. For your information and notification, as certain companies serve the advertisements within the Web Site, CHINANEWS.CO.NZ allows such companies, so-called third-party ad servers or ad networks to set and access their cookies on your computer. Such companies' use of their cookies is subject to their own privacy policies, not this one. Such companies do not have access to CHINANEWS.CO.NZ's cookies.
                  3. You may edit and delete your CHINANEWS.CO.NZ Member account information and preferences. You may also delete your CHINANEWS.CO.NZ Member account information and preferences by emailing your deletion request to CHINANEWS.CO.NZ while your CHINANEWS.CO.NZ login ID and password have been verified
                  4. Advertisements. CHINANEWS.CO.NZ may, on behalf of its advertisers, display or send targeted advertisements to you based upon nonpublic personal information about you, provided however that in the process of doing so, CHINANEWS.CO.NZ will not disclose any nonpublic personal information about you to the advertisers. Such advertisers include both financial service providers and non-financial service providers. If you feel interested in such advertisement and respond accordingly, any personal information you give to the advertisers may give the advertisers a clue about the characteristics used by them to select the audience for the advertisement. If you do not want to disclose any information about yourself to the advertisers, do not respond to such advertisements. CHINANEWS.CO.NZ will not share your personally identifiable information with any third party when you click on these advertisements.
                  5. Changes to this Privacy Policy. CHINANEWS.CO.NZ may amend its privacy policy at any time and from time to time. If CHINANEWS.CO.NZ makes any substantial changes regarding how CHINANEWS.CO.NZ uses your personal information, CHINANEWS.CO.NZ will notify you by posting a prominent announcement on the Web Site.
                  6 Questions or Comments. If you have any questions or comments about this privacy policy, please send your questions or comments to support@chinanews.co.nz.
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